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 The Theramore Vanguard is recruiting! [Read before applying] 
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Post The Theramore Vanguard is recruiting! [Read before applying]
Current Recruitment status

NEWS: Tank and Melee Damage Dealers are wanted!

Please also read: About the Theramore Vanguard

We are looking for people to join our ranks:
Low = Not really needed, Medium = Might need more of, High = we need you!

Tank – Recruiting
Druid - High
Paladin - High
Death Knight - High
Warrior - High
Monk – High

Healers –Recruiting
Druid - High
Shaman - Medium
Monk - Medium
Paladin - Medium
Priest - Low

Melee Damage Dealers – Recruiting
Druid - High
Paladin - High
Death Knight - High
Monk - High
Shaman - Medium
Rogue - High
Warrior - Medium

Ranged Damage Dealers - Recruiting
Druid - High
Mage – Low
Warlock – Medium
Hunter – Low
Priest – Medium
Shaman - Medium

Apart from the above, the Vanguard is always seeking for new members, so even if we have high on any of them above feel free to apply anyway, Outstanding applications will still be considered, especially if the applicant brings exceptional personal skills in battle, IC expression and community management.

Application Template
Your application should contain all of the following sections:

In-character information
As a role-playing community it means we role-play in raids; we take pride in that fact. Therefore all characters should be willing and able to contribute to the atmosphere we are trying to generate inside the group. Please introduce your character in this application, tell us the background and/or motivation, and tell us how your character came to hear of the Vanguard and why he/she is applying.

  • This section is important and will affect how we look at the rest of your application. We communicate entirely through text in raids so this will show us that you can not only role-play but can also communicate well with the written word.

  • If you’re not a role-player or you do not like or care about role-playing, this isn’t the raid group for you.

  • Role-playing realm policies; please follow them. Members are expected to use the /say, /yell and /emote channels exclusively in-character conversation at all time, when raiding and when not raiding. 

  • Your character name and guild name should be plausible in-character names for a “real” person and organization in the World of Warcraft. No jokey or silly guild names or real-world references please.

Out of Character information
Please fill in the fields below:

  • Class
    What class are you?

  • Your specializations and role
    Are you a defender, medic or a soldier? Please provide a link to your current specialization, explain a little bit why you choose that particular spec.

  • Gear
    Give us an armory link and a short description of why you gemmed/enchanted/re-forged your gear like that.

  • Past experience
    What experience have you had of raiding before? What was the other raid forces/communities you have joined and why have you left them?

  • Real-life age
    We are not too bothered about your real life details but we would like to know your actual age please.

  • Attitude
    Our members must be ready to always give a 100% to this community and raid group, that means both in the raid and here on the forums. If you want fast loot or be on every raid this is not the place for you. Class balance, harmony and group needs will always have priority over single members needs.

    Sometimes raiding can get frustrating and you should be able to keep your cool and remain good-natured and cheerful even when we wipe for the 100th time in a row in the same place. If you can put your frustration out upon the enemies and not your fellow raiders, then you are the person we are looking for.

  • Attendance
    As stated here, you should be capable of being around on the raid days at the raid invite times and keep to the expected attendance; can you do that?

    Important: there should not be any day on which you can never or rarely come, as in “I can never come on Fridays.”

  • Commitment
    Please tell us why you are applying to the Theramore Vanguard particularly, for example do you have friends among us already, or are you keen on raiding in-character?

    Please specify in your application if you are applying to join any other raid communities or have so recently.

Do you understand the following?
  • During your trial, you should be ready to be at the Theramore Vanguard's exclusive disposal for the raiding: you're applying for a place in our ranks thus loyalty and dedication for our community and our force is mandatory. Full members are of course expected to prioritize the Vanguard on our official raiding nights and to not schedule other in-game activities during those hours.

  • Things are never perfect in any raid group, there will be conflict, however the structures put in place are put there for the benefit of the community, not the individual. You accept and agree to the rules, policies and loot system we use by applying.

  • Sometimes we need people at short notice, sometimes you may find you are asked to stay an extra twenty minutes or so, if we are close to making a kill. Be ready to improvise, be ready to a bit later than planned occasionally.

  • Keeping your gear in the best shape possible is your responsibility. For all raids you are expected to bring ample consumables, including flasks.

Additional information
  • Computer and connection
    Your hardware and Internet connection must be able to handle 25 man raiding content. Do you have this?

  • UI add-ons
    Please have a boss mod installed, make sure your add-ons are up to date before the raid.

We want people working hard to make the Theramore Vanguard a worthwhile place to stay: are you ready?

If you would like to discuss any aspect of applying to the Theramore Vanguard, please speak to Nakrul, Naruko, Gilora, Gonthar or Strega in game, or send us a private message on these forums.

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Post Re: The Theramore Vanguard is recruiting! [Read before apply
Updated - 09.12.2014

Main - Yuzua
Healing - Nayarna, Niashou
Tank/dps - Isennia, Dexter
Healing/dps - Youlong, Sachara
DPS - Tealin, Siessa, Maendra, Toph, Tpol

Leveling - Ranshu

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Post Re: The Theramore Vanguard is recruiting! [Read before apply
Updated 4/2/15

Gilora, Dwarf Shaman

Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:04 pm
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